you get the

right deal

When selling to us, we show you why you’ll get the best value with our three-step process. You’ll leave confident you got it right.

We take the time to clearly answer your questions and explain our evaluation practices. Our buying process is quick and easy. We look at all items carefully to make sure you get the most value. Our professional and friendly staff will ensure that you fully understand how we calculate your item's value.

If you have gold jewelry or sterling silver to sell, our experts carefully test for the metals purity and evaluate any diamonds present in your pieces. If we feel any pieces have value exceeding just the melt, we separate them and figure them individually. If you have coins or bullion to sell, we categorize them and clearly explain how much we would pay for each item or group present.

At Edelman’s we strive for a fair and low-pressure environment. We give our best offer first because we don’t want you to feel pressured into selling. We encourage price shopping because we are confident we pay the most in a wide radius.

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Gold & Silver

We buy all gold & silver coins and bars of all sizes, both bullion issues and scarcer coins.

Are my coins silver?

Dimes & quarters from 1964 & earlier, as well as half dollars from 1970 & earlier, were made in silver and worth significantly more than their face value. Coins after these dates are usually just worth their face value.

Are older coins worth more than newer coins?

Should I clean my coins?

Can I sell coins if I’m under 21 years old?