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Always Fair

Being fair is the only way you stay in business for nearly 100 years. Buy or sell your bullion, coins, or precious metals with us.

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IN 1926

 We’ve been a family-owned business since Louis Edelman opened Edelman’s Loan Office in 1926. Through four generations, we’ve carried on Edelman’s culture of fairness, honesty, and no pressure for all our customers.

We treat every customer as if they are one of our best, with true respect. We make sure to not make any assumptions about anyone. If we miss something during a deal that has significant value, we mail the customer a check. We match prices. We never renege if I’ve agreed to a deal, even if it will be at a loss. I truly feel my word is my bond.

Fourth-generation owner,

Andrew Edelman

 Diversify your portfolio. Protect against any unforeseen upheaval and inflation. We sell all major types of gold and silver bullion at extremely competitive prices, lower than national online retailers. We also buy and sell precious metals, coins, paper money, and some collectibles.

Invest Wisely
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Making You a Fair Offer

 If you’re looking to sell, we buy gold, silver, coins, bullion, jewelry, and other collectibles. We answer your questions, assess right in front of you and make the right deal for you - with no strings attached.

They are great at explaining everything. And they really took the time to understand our situation. There was no pressure. I was a little nervous coming in at first, but they immediately put me at ease and were sure that I was satisfied.

Michael D., Philadelphia, PA

 We provide professional advice for those who are looking to start investing in gold or silver. We also buy many different collectibles, especially sterling silver flatware, hollowware, Franklin Mint sterling, old gold jewelry and more.

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