We Provide Loans on Stamps, Coins, Paper Money & Bullion

Making collateral loans in the Philadelphia area continuously since 1926

Edelman’s has been making collateral loans in the Philadelphia area continuously since 1926. A loan from Edelman’s is a quick and easy way to obtain needed cash. All information is held in strictest confidence, and most loans are processed the same-day as receiving them. We accept most coins, stamps, jewelry, and bullion as collateral for a loan.

loans on paper money

Loans are made quickly and confidentially

Loans are made quickly and confidentially, without inquiry regarding credit or income. You can bring in your collection or just send it by registered mail, Federal Express or UPS. For your convenience, an application form is available on our website. As soon as your collateral is received, it will be carefully appraised by our experts. Our staff is qualified to make a fair evaluation, and their appraisal will be the basis of the loan. If you have any information that would help us in our appraisal, you can enclose copies with your collateral as well. We normally lend about 65% of the collateral's wholesale value. You will continue to retain ownership of your collection while the loan is active.


No charge for the appraisal, handling, or storage of your merchandise

There is no charge for the appraisal, handling, or storage of your merchandise. There are no hidden fees whatsoever, of any kind. Our interest rate varies, but is typically between 1%-2% per month, depending on the value of the collateral. On small value loans under $2000 the rates could be a maximum of 3% per month. Loans are written on a 4-month basis, with a 90 day grace period, so no interest is needed for 7 months. If you have additional questions please email us at or call us at 215-572-6480

The Best Loan Services in Philadelphia

Nothing is more unpleasant than an unexpected bill or expense. When you don't have the money to cover a charge, we have your back. At Edelman's, you can receive a loan based on some form of collateral. We offer several ways to give us collateral. There are plenty of benefits of seeking a loan with us over a traditional bank. Here's why you should seek us out when you need a loan.

An important note to make is what can be used as collateral for your loan. We will give out loans for the following:
  • Loans on bullion
  • Loans on coins
  • Loans on gold coins
  • Loans on paper money
  • Loans on silver
  • Loans on stamps
  • Loans on other collectibles
If you have any of the above, then we can offer loan services to you. It should be noted that when we perform our appraisal, your loan will be 65% of the value of your collection. For those who require a large loan, you'll want to be sure that you give enough as collateral in order to receive the money that you need.
Our Loan Services Come Without a Credit Check One of the best reasons or why you should seek loans on bullion or loans on coins from us is because we don't ask for a credit check. When you ask for a loan from a bank, they typically decide on a credit report. Even banks that say they consider more than just your credit report still base their approval on what the report says. We don't. Instead, our loans on silver or loans on stamps are based solely on the collateral that you give us. This helps those who may be in debt or have a large loan under their belt already like student loans. We can offer you the money that you need without taking a hit on your credit score.
We Make the Loan Process Easy Banks make you jump through several hoops before you can receive a loan. We make loans on gold coins or loans on paper money fast and easy. When you send us your collateral and application, the appraisal is typically done the same day. This allows us to give you loans on bullion, loans on stamps, or loans on silver quickly. We'll send you a check with a receipt if your collateral is accepted. Otherwise, we'll give you what the appraisal amount is and the loan that we're able to offer you. The final decision to take loans on coins or loans on paper money is up to you. Our process for receiving loans on gold coins, loans on stamps, or loans on silver is considerably faster than the bank.

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If you need loans on bullion or loans on gold coins, then talk to one of the best loaners in the area. We'll easily and quickly appraise your collateral and offer you the loan you need.