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With everything going on in the world, many people are looking for safe and reliable places to put their money. Now more than ever investing in gold and investing in silver is the logical choice. Have you been thinking about getting into precious metals and want to know more? Start your research here at Edelman’s. We have a very long history of advising those who want to buy gold and buy silver for investment purposes. We also have advised those who want to sell gold and sell silver as well. Here’s why you should choose us for investing in gold and investing in silver at our store in Northeast Philadelphia.

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Why You Can Trust Us

It’s important you have a firm you can trust when you’re thinking about buying gold or selling gold, as well as buying silver or selling silver. Many other smaller shops pay less and charge more, leaving you with less gold for the money. We have sent secret shoppers around and consistently are the strongest buyers, and most competitive sellers for physical gold and silver bullion in the entire Philadelphia area.

Our reputation has grown to be the most respected and trusted gold dealer in the greater Philadelphia area. Whether you are looking to buy a few Silver Eagles or a hundred ounces of gold, we take the time to explain the process to you.

When you want to get started investing in gold or buying silver, we will be very happy to educate and help you out.


We Offer Many Additional Services

We strive to cater to as many of our clients as possible when it comes to all aspects of buying and selling their collections and precious metals. Some of our services include:


  • Buying and selling precious metals
  • Buying and selling collectible coins
  • Buying and selling paper money
  • Offering loans
  • Buying jewelry
  • Coin appraisals
  • Buying stamps

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Stop by our store whether you want to buy bullion, invest in precious metals, add to your collection, or sell a coin collection. You can expect extremely competitive prices, friendly staff, and a very positive overall experience.

What We Buy in Northeast Philadelphia
When you’re ready to sell and get cash for gold, you’ll want to stop by our store. We buy all forms of gold, including physical gold bullion, gold coins, bars, and scrap jewelry. You can be confident you will get the most cash for gold when you’re ready to sell. We are especially interested in buying gold and silver bullion. We are always paying very competitive prices for silver bars, silver coin, gold bars and more.
What We Sell in Northeast Philadelphia
In addition to being very competitive buyers, we also sell gold and sell silver. For anyone looking to start investing in precious metals, you need to stop by our shop in Philadelphia. We very often sell gold and sell silver at lower than major national companies online. Visit our shop today if you’re looking to sell jewelry in Philadelphia. We buy almost all gold jewelry and silver jewelry, from antique Victorian filigree pieces, to old broken 14k gold and more. If you are looking to buy coins, we have a very large inventory and also offer complimentary coin appraisal in Philadelphia. Coin collecting is still a very popular hobby, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you have about coin collecting. Come in today to see our large stock of graded and raw US and worldwide coins!