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We Buy Jewelry in Philadelphia, PA

Almost everyone has jewelry lying around that hasn’t been worn in years, maybe even decades. You might have broken jewelry, or single earrings that have been in the back of your jewelry box. All these years that old gold jewelry has actually been increasing in value! When you’re looking to sell jewelry, stop in to see our expert gold appraisers today. At Edelman’s, we offer extremely competitive prices for your gold and silver jewelry and other collectibles. Here’s what you can expect when selling jewelry to us in Philadelphia, PA.

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Sell Your Jewelry in Philadelphia

We Have Experience Recognizing Valuable and Premium Pieces

Unlike most jewelry shops in Philadelphia, Edelman’s specializes in buying gold jewelry, not just selling it. We have been buying other jewelry shop’s scrap gold for many years since we pay so strongly. Edelman’s beginnings were doing coin appraisals, but quickly expanded to appraising and purchasing other collectibles as well. We began to purchase jewelry more and more and have now become the Philadelphia area’s leading buyer of unwanted gold jewelry.

We also pay strong premiums if you have rare or collectible pieces, not just jewelry that’s worth its’ gold value.


We Sell Other Collectibles

Here are some items that we have to offer.

  • Coins
  • Paper money
  • Bullion

You can find a very large inventory of graded and raw coins, both US and Worldwide at our shop. If you’re a coin collector in Philadelphia PA, we are a must-see shop.

If you are sitting on any gold jewelry or silver jewelry, you should take this opportunity with gold high to sell them. Whether it’s an unworn necklace, broken earring, old diamond engagement ring, or just something that’s been sitting around for years you should turn it into cash. We are always buying jewelry, gold and silver. Don’t worry if your jewelry is broken, missing pieces, or damaged we will be happy to take a look. Not only do we buy gold jewelry, we also buy bullion in Philadelphia, PA and help those who want to invest in gold and invest in silver. Your gold jewelry and silver jewelry are also in demand to us here at Edelman’s. In addition to buying gold and silver jewelry, we are also an established and reputable coin shop in Philadelphia, PA.
When you want the most money when you sell jewelry, come visit us today. Even if you have no intention to sell, we will be happy to give you an expert appraisal on your jewelry or diamonds.