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If you're looking to sell coins or need a coin appraisal in Willow Grove, then you have plenty of choices. Unfortunately, many of those coin shops do not have your best interests at heart. We have sent our secret shoppers many times and have found they consistently under-value your items. At Edelman's, our reputation is built on offering great prices for coin appraisals and in buying and selling collectibles. Here's what you need to know about our coin appraisal services and buying and selling coins with us.

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Nearly 100 Years of Experience

What sets us apart from other coin shops in Willow Grove is our extremely established history. Edelman’s opened its doors in the mid 1920’s as a Pawn Shop in Philadelphia. It was founded by Louis Edelman, who had extensive experience in coin appraisals and in buying and selling coins. He quickly became an expert in recognizing what made a rare coin special and what was more common.

That expertise has since laid the groundwork for our professional dealings. You can be confident that when you bring your collection to our pawnshop in Willow Grove, we can give you the strongest prices and excellent service.


We Offer Many Different Services

Our coin dealers do more than just buy and sell coins, we also offer loans on various collectibles. If you need money fast and have a coin collection, gold or sterling silver, or bullion related items we can make you a fast and easy collateral loan. In addition, we also buy and sell the following:

  • Paper money
  • Bullion
  • Coins
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Other collectibles

In particular, our coin dealers can sell gold in Willow Grove that can help you start investing. Precious metals such as gold and silver have consistently gone up over time. If you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio and head into physical gold or silver, call or stop in today.

If you are looking to sell jewelry in Willow Grove, you should think of Edelman’s. We take the time to carefully go over each individual item to ensure you are getting the most money possible when selling your gold jewelry.

If you are a coin collector or looking to start, we have a large inventory of graded PCGS and NGC coins for sale. We specialize in older US graded material and can help you out with coins you need for your collection. Our coin dealers will take the time to educate you and answer any questions you may have. If you have inherited an estate, collected coins yourself or are looking for an estate appraisal in Philadelphia, our expert coin appraisers can be of help. We have extensive experience with rare coins and are able to pay extremely strong for your coin collection. Stop in today and talk to one of our friendly associates.
When you are great customer service combined with the strongest prices paid in the Willow Grove area, stop by Edelman’s today. We can help you sell coins or buy coins and will answer any questions you may have. Visit our shop today!