What To Do If You Have Gold or Silver To Sell

Sell Gold and Sell Silver to a Shop You Can Trust in Fort Washington, PA

When you’re ready to sell yours or a loved ones’ gold and silver, you can be confident in getting a trustworthy offer here at Edelman’s. We have sent out secret shoppers to all the other shops in the area and know we give the strongest offers near Fort Washington. We use up to the minute market prices and decades of expertise to ensure you’re getting the most for your valuables. Here’s what you should know about how we buy gold and buy silver in Fort Washington.

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The Most Trusted Gold Dealer in Fort Washington

Our Experience Ensures You Get Great Cash for Gold

Edelman's has been continuously operating for nearly 100 years. Since the mid 1920’s, we have been helping people with investing in gold and investing in silver. Gold and silver have consistently gone up through the years and have proven to be solid investments. Although we started with just selling coins in Fort Washington, we quickly expanded into buying and selling bullion as well.

Our long history and experience of buying gold and buying silver have allowed us to be extremely competitive in this market. We want to make sure that you receive the most cash for gold possible for your hard-earned investments.


Other Items We Sell

Our store specializes in more than just selling bullion. Other collectibles you may be interested in selling are:

  • Coins
  • Jewelry
  • Paper money
  • Stamps
  • Other collectibles

We also offer loans for when you need money quickly, and have assets around. Investing in gold and silver now can be a great way to help get your money to grow.

Why You Should Start Investing in Silver and Investing in Gold in Fort Washington
If you're considering whether you should start buying bullion or start investing in silver and investing in gold, then start right here. Here at Edelman’s, we have a solid understanding on the movements of both metals, and if it’s a good time to invest or to hold off. Investing in gold and silver in Fort Washington is a safe and economical choice to make. Historically gold and silver have been solid stores of wealth, and continue to be in very high demand. Typically, when the economy is weaker, gold and silver are solid performing assets. Having a portion of your savings in precious metals is widely advised by professional investors. Selling gold and selling silver can be a great way to ensure your financial security later in life. Selling gold and selling silver can be a great way to ensure your financial security later in life.
Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell your collectibles, we will be happy to be of help. We have experts in many fields and will give you our expert advice. You can depend on Edelman’s for a very trustworthy experience.