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Investing in precious metals has been popular for centuries, and Edelman’s continues the tradition resulting in cash for gold when it’s time to sell. If you haven’t been putting money into physical gold or physical silver, you aren’t going to receive the cash for gold you could be. Investing in gold and investing in silver have never been a better idea then right now. The most important start to investing is finding a trustworthy and reputable dealer to work with. If you are looking to buy bullion, Edelman’s is the place to go. We buy and sell all forms of gold and silver and extremely competitive prices.

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Decades of Experience You Can Trust

There are many reasons that set us apart from other coin shops in Flourtown. We have been continuously operating since the mid 1920’s and are still family owned. We’ve sent secret shoppers around and can safely say we pay the strongest prices in the entire Greater Philadelphia area. We were originally only a coin shop in Fourtown, but have since expanding into dealing in other collectibles. Other collectibles we are buying and selling include:

  • Paper money
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Jewelry
  • Other collectibles

We keep a very large stock of the most popular gold and silver bullion items. If you are looking to buy Gold Eagles, Silver Eagles, or other bullion related items you can come in any time. We also have a large inventory of rare PCGS and NGC graded coins, as well as selling rare paper money.

When it comes to buying gold and buying silver, our professional coin dealers can advise you and answer any questions you may have. If you plan on investing in gold or investing in silver, it’s important you talk to our knowledgeable staff before diving in.

We have been advising those interesting in selling gold or silver bullion for decades. We pay extremely competitive prices and regularly are paying more than National wholesalers. If you’re wondering if it’s a good time to sell, call us and talk. We can’t predict the future, but can certainly advise you on timing and whether or not it’s a good time to sell. The best thing you can do is find a trusted partner to work with. We have always paid the strongest prices for buying gold in Flourtown. We focus on paying the most in the entire Greater Philadelphia area by sending secret shoppers around and ensuring we are the best destination for selling gold. We do the most volume and also pay the most, which ends up being extremely advantageous to you, the customer looking to sell gold in Flourtown. Buying bullion and investing in gold is a safe way to store your wealth. It can help ensure you have valuable assess when something unexpected happens down the road.
Proper research should always be done first before investing. Speaking with the experts in our store can help you make an informed decision. When you’re ready to purchase some gold or silver coins, drop by our store today! We will be happy to show you the large selection that we have in stock. Start investing today to secure your future financial freedom.